Fitur 2021

Roommatik en Fitur 2021

and Fitur 2021 has arrived … Y LLEGÓ FITUR 2021 … Yes, we were able to go to Fitur – what a joy! At last we are back to holding events and tourism is finally thinking again about equipping itself to welcome the new tourists that are starting to arrive. This year Fitur was a […]

Article, why Roommatik?

Cover of article why Roommatik

Why are we in the check-in kiosk business? This is the question we asked ourselves when writing the white paper presented in this post. Yes, this question alone triggers a sea of reasoning and reflections that we wanted to collect and organize, to share them with all those hotel business managers who are not sure […]

Roommatik also delivers wristbrands

Roommatik entrega pulseras RFID

The typical application of our check-in kiosks is the issuance of keys in card format or even conventional key fobs. However, there are many establishments where it is more convenient to handle wristbands, as for example at: Thermal resorts Vacation resorts Museums or exhibition halls Show or concert halls For all these applications, we have […]

Roommatik in caravan areas

Roommatik in camper park areas

More and more caravan sites are relying on Roommatik products to automate their installations. We have exclusive functionalities for this type of establishments, so that the management is as autonomous as possible. There are different configurations, depending on the characteristics of each installation, the input, activation of services and output are carried out in a […]

Colaboration with Newhotel Software

Newhotel and Roommatik partnership

Now you can manage your hotel establishment with the management products offered by Newhotel and integrating Roommatik’s automatic reception. What does integration consist of? Let’s suppose that a hotel has the management software offered by Newhotel. The receptionists can work normally, serve their customers at the reception desk and control all the operations in their […]

M-101 gray

Roommatik M-101 gray

One more M-101 ready to ship. We could not continue without dedicating a post to our most legendary model of check-in kiosk. Since our beginnings we have been accompanied by this characteristic concept of kiosk adaptable to multiple configurations, with front opening for greater versatility and with the possibility of embedded or surface installation. We […]