Article, why Roommatik?

Why are we in the check-in kiosk business?

This is the question we asked ourselves when writing the white paper presented in this post.

Yes, this question alone triggers a sea of reasoning and reflections that we wanted to collect and organize, to share them with all those hotel business managers who are not sure what system to invest in to automate the reception desk.

The starting question is fundamental because we are a technology company and we could have dedicated ourselves to creating any other type of product.

But no, for many years now, we have been using self-service check-in machines to automate the check-in and check-out process for hotel guests.

While we’re at it, let’s tell you how it all started.

It was 2004 and, at that time, we were programming automatons mainly for the automotive industry and carrying out home and building automation projects for different types of installations. Suddenly, a potential customer presented us with a very interesting project: to automate a motel in Oporto, Portugal, very close to our offices, which are located in Vigo, Spain.

We loved that project and got down to work. There were two essential requirements:

  • To assist in the automated management of the business. To reduce as much as possible the necessary personnel and also to control all processes, registering all operations in an automatic system.
  • To maintain customer privacy. Privacy yes, but always maintaining control and being able to intervene if necessary.

And so, our first check-in kiosk was born, fully operational since 2005. Once this project was finished, we thought: “wait a minute, this could work very well for all types of hotels, right? what if we propose an automatic reception for any hotel?”

And we put it into practice, we started to design standard models to offer to different types of establishments: hotels, tourist apartments, hostels, pensions, rural houses, camping sites…

Well, after so many years, we are increasingly convinced that a check-in kiosk is the ideal solution to automate the reception of a hotel establishment. And this is what we wanted to capture in the article we share.

P.D. If you are wondering what happened to that first kiosk installed in 2005?

It was fully operational until 2020, when the establishment changed owners and they decided to reform the entrance and exit circuit. We have just installed one of our current kiosks, with more equipment than the previous one, and we continue to collaborate with the new ownership.

If you are interested in finding out more, please feel free to contact us through our mail or phone: [email protected], (+34)986262230