Fast online Process, allowing guests to complete check-In before arriving at the hotel.

Each reservation generates a personalized link that allows your guests to scan their ID, capture their signature, and make the payment, all from the comfort of their mobile device.

Automatization and integration with your PMS

We integrate directly with your PMS, ensuring complete automation. Not only do we send the link to all reservations, but we also automatically input guest data into the PMS, including their actual email addresses, not those generated by OTAs. Pre-check-in is done automatically, freeing up time and resources for your team and avoiding waits at reception for guests.

ID document scanning

We simplify identification to the maximum. Your guests only need to take a photo of their ID card or passport, and our system will instantly recognize their data. This feature streamlines the process, ensuring a quick and hassle-free check-in.

Add a key dispenser for arrival

If you have a Roommatik key dispenser or a Roommatik check-in kiosk, the guest simply presents their QR code to the device and instantly retrieves the key to their room.

Whether it’s a conventional key or a card, access to the room is straightforward, without complications and without waiting.

Why Roommatik?

At Roommatik, we stand out as the leading choice in check-in automation, backed by robust expertise and a range of attributes that make us the ideal choice for digitizing this crucial process in your hotel establishment.


At Roommatik, we offer a wide range of integrations with PMS and lock systems, ensuring increased operational productivity. Our technology adapts to various platforms, providing a comprehensive and integrated solution to meet the specific needs of your hotel.


We have a strong experience in check-in management, backed by years of dedication and specialization in this field. Our expertise enables us to understand the complexities of the process and provide solutions that truly optimize the operation of your establishment.


The combination of our technology and a team of quality technical support makes Roommatik the preferred choice for hotel establishments looking to digitize check-in. With Roommatik, you not only implement advanced technology but also ensure comprehensive service that exceeds industry expectations.