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Roommatik ECO revolutionizes the way energy is managed in rooms. It automatically connects or disconnects the power based on actual occupancy, eliminating the need for access cards. This feature makes it the perfect choice for card-less access control systems, such as using mobile devices or numerical codes.

Why choose Roommatik ECO?

  1. Flexibility and versatility: Roommatik ECO allows for the combination of both wireless and wired sensors in a single control unit. This provides a wide range of options to meet the specific needs of each room.

  2. Seamless integration: In addition to its local operation, Roommatik ECO features Wi-Fi connectivity, enabling integration with the existing Building Management System (BMS). This integration facilitates centralized monitoring and control of multiple rooms, thereby optimizing energy efficiency throughout the building.

  3. Simple configuration: Setting up Roommatik ECO is quick and easy thanks to our intuitive Android application, Roommatik ECO. Download it here and start enjoying the benefits of intelligent energy control in your rooms.

Experience the comfort and efficiency of Roommatik ECO and discover how you can optimize energy consumption in your building. Our smart solution is designed to deliver maximum performance and adapt to your needs. Take advantage of this innovative technology and take a step towards an energy-efficient future!

No card required

System compatible with digital key on mobile, access through codes, or using smart bracelets.

Also compatible with wired sensors.

In a single installation, wireless and wired sensors can be combined.

Easy installation

Fully configurable system through a mobile app.

Optional WiFi communication

The system can be standalone or WiFi-enabled.




  • Possibility of online connectivity. Energy control is local, using data received from the sensors. Optionally, it can be connected for integration with the BMS or for data transmission over the Internet.
  • Different formats. Models available for DIN rail installation or surface mounting.


  • Presence sensors and door/window opening sensors.
  • Wireless with BLE communication or wired.


No card is needed. Are you implementing the digital key?

Roommatik ECO offers the possibility to implement any access control system without the need for physical cards, without compromising sustainability.

Instead of cards, you can use the digital key on your mobile device, with access through numerical codes or using smart bracelets. This provides greater convenience and flexibility for users by eliminating the need to carry additional cards.

With the digital key on your mobile device, the use of codes, or smart bracelets, you can quickly and securely access your room. Roommatik ECO adapts to new technologies and provides modern and user-friendly options for access control.

Energy control is carried out based solely on the presence of people inside the room.

Customized energy control with wireless and wired sensors


Roommatik ECO offers the ability to combine both wireless and wired sensors in a single installation. This provides greater flexibility and customized options to meet the specific needs of each room.

With wireless sensors, you can enjoy a faster installation process without the need for extensive wiring work. This option is ideal for pre-existing establishments.

On the other hand, if you prefer to use wired sensors, Roommatik ECO also provides that option. One notable advantage of wired sensors is that they do not require batteries. Unlike wireless sensors that rely on internal power sources, wired sensors are directly powered by the building’s electrical infrastructure.

This feature presents several significant advantages. Firstly, it eliminates the need to replace sensor batteries, reducing costs and maintenance time. Another advantage is the increased reliability and durability of wired sensors. Being directly connected to the electrical grid, they are not dependent on battery life and offer constant and accurate detection of room occupancy. This is the ideal option for comprehensive renovations or new construction projects.

If it is possible to install some wired sensors but not all in an installation, you can combine them. The combination of wireless and wired sensors in a single installation ensures a complete and versatile solution for energy control in rooms. You can choose the option that best suits your needs and make the most of the advantages of Roommatik ECO in any environment.


Easy installation

Our intuitive mobile app gives you full control over system configuration. From adjusting occupancy detection parameters to customizing power on/off actions, everything is done easily and conveniently from the palm of your hand.

Simply download the Roommatik ECO mobile app and enjoy a quick and hassle-free installation. With just a few steps, you can fully customize the system to perfectly fit your environment.

Experience the ease of installation with Roommatik ECO and make the most of all the features and settings we offer through our mobile app. Simplify energy control in your rooms and enjoy the convenience of a fully configurable system at your fingertips.

Optional WiFi communication: flexibility and advanced connectivity

Roommatik ECO operates autonomously, but it also offers the option of WiFi communication, providing exceptional flexibility and advanced connectivity.

In its autonomous mode, Roommatik ECO functions locally and performs all energy control functions in the room independently. This makes it a reliable and efficient solution.

However, if you want to make the most of its connectivity capabilities, Roommatik ECO provides the option to enable WiFi communication. This allows you to integrate the system with your existing Building Management System (BMS) as well as third-party applications. Additionally, WiFi communication enables data transmission to a cloud-based application, providing remote access and greater control over energy consumption in your rooms.

With Roommatik ECO and its optional WiFi communication, you have the freedom to choose the configuration that best suits your needs. Whether you prefer an autonomous system or a more comprehensive integration, our solution offers the flexibility and advanced connectivity you’re looking for.

Discover the power of Roommatik ECO and experience intelligent and customizable energy management in your rooms. With the option of WiFi communication, you’ll be prepared for enhanced integration and control in your energy management environment.