The integrations with the different brands of electronic locks allow Roommatik kiosks to issue a key compatible with each one of them. If your brand of locks does not appear in this page, please contact us, we may be able to add it shortly.

An essential part of Roommatik check-in machines is the issue of the key. Regardless of the project, Roommatik kiosks can issue keys of different technologies and commercial brands.

Conventional key issuing

Roommatik M-303 kiosk issuing conventional key
Roommatik M-303 kiosk issuing conventional key

Roommatik offers the greatest flexibility. Thus, physical key delivery is one of the functionalities we offer from the beginning. 

Applications where physical key delivery is used are so diverse:

  • Car rental applications. A vehicle key has to be collected, so it is mandatory to deliver conventional keys, they cannot be replaced by electronic keys.
  • When the establishment is unable or unwilling to change its conventional locking system.
  • When, in addition to an electronic key, it is necessary to issue keys for lockers or a small object.

Smart wristband issuing

If you want to know how Roommatik can deliver wristbands, visit our blog article: Check-in kiosks that deliver RFID wristbands.

Electronical key issuing

Roommatik M-101 kiosk issuing a card key
Roommatik M-101 kiosk issuing a card key

Most access control applications require the delivery of an electronic key of a particular brand and technology.

Roommatik is continuously developing integrations with access control brands, working side by side with them to offer the best possible all-round service.

Nowadays, it is possible to deliver from a Roommatik machine:

  • Magnetic stripe cards. These cards are inserted into the lock so that the lock can read them and check if access is authorised. It is a technology that many access control brands do not currently offer, but still has a strong market presence.
  • Mifare or Ultralight proximity cards. These are the cards that open the door when you bring them close to the lock. They are currently the most widely used, frequently installed in new projects.
  • Code key system. For the access control systems that support it, Roommatik can issue a code compatible with the installed locks.
  • Digital keys on mobile phones. Roommatik can also issue virtual keys that are delivered by email or text message to the user’s mobile phone. The user can open the doors with his/her mobile phone.

When a lock supports multiple technologies simultaneously, Roommatik kiosks can deliver keys from any of those technologies. It is very common, for example, to install locks that can be opened with proximity cards and mobile phones. In this case, Roommatik can deliver a card to the users and also the key to their mobile phone when required.