In this page we present our brochure of self-check-in machines. We classify them in three main groups according to their size:


they are specially designed for small spaces.


they are the most versatile, suitable for all types of projects.


 they are the largest and most complete.

Our kiosks are fully adaptable to the needs of each establishment. They can be configured by adding different components according to the customer’s operation. For example, some of our models support credit card payments, others cash payments, and others do not have space to house any payment equipment.


Roommatik S-100 fast check-in

Our S size is specially designed to fit in any small space. All kiosks in this range have a 10-inch touch screen and can be wall-mounted or placed on a counter. They allow you to locate the reservation, identify each user and they include a voice guide that tells the user how to proceed on each screen. You will be surprised!

Ideal for quick registration of visitors or guests. It can be placed on a counter or table.

With the same functionalities as the S-100, the S-200 model is designed for wall installation.

More complete than the previous ones, the S-300 model delivers proximity cards and allows payment by credit card.

With the same functionalities as the S-300, the S-301 model can also deliver physical keys.



Recepción automática con kiosko de auto check-in Roommatik M-303 gris

Our M size is the most versatile. They have a medium size and they can be hung or embedded in the wall. All models in this range have a 17-inch touch screen and allow the delivery of keys of any technology: proximity, magnetic stripe, Bluetooth, codes, or even physical keys! They can locate the reservation, identify users and they include a voice guide that tells them how to proceed on each screen. In addition, all M-size models allow payment by credit card and some of them also cash payment, discover them!

Very versatile, it supports multiple configurations, can be hung or embedded and has a front opening.

Maintaining the design of the M-101, this model can also be embedded or hung, and also includes cash payment with bills.

Same concept as the M-101 but designed for flush mounting, with rear opening.


Recepción automática con kioskos de check-in Roommatik L-100 blanco

The L size includes the largest and most complete hotel check-in kiosk models. In pedestal or flush-mounted format, they allow a multitude of devices and functionalities: payment by credit card, full cash payment (acceptance and return of bills and coins), issuance of keys of any technology, etc.

When aesthetics is an important factor, the L-100 is the best choice. This kiosk includes card payment and electronic key issuance.

Ideal for outdoor use, this totem-type kiosk has all payment options in addition to delivering keys of all technologies.

The Roommatik L-300 delivers up to two types of RFID wristbands and has all forms of payment.

Widely used as automatic reception from a vehicle, this kiosk is designed to be embedded in the wall.