Check-in kiosks

Check-in completely unattended.

The guest follows the steps indicated on the screen and gets the room key in less than a minute.

In some cases, it allows to have a reception open 24 hours with a lower cost.

In other cases, it solves the problem of waiting, especially when business guests are combined with tourists.

Our hotel check-in kiosks allow cross-selling and / or upselling operations.

Many advantages over other auto-check-in solutions: the guest can arrive without a battery in the mobile, it is not necessary to do any pre-arrival operation, guests identify themselves at the time of arrival at the hotel, it is not necessary that the guest install any app or access any web platform …

Every room key technology

Roommatik check-in kiosks are suitable for your existing room keys technology. Contactless, magnetic stripe, code keys, bluetooth enabled locks, physical keys, etc.

Regardless of your currently installed technology, we have a solution for your hotel

Payment methods

Card payment and / or cash payment are allowed. Acceptance and return of coins and / or bills. Acceptance of payments with chip & pin & contactless card

Standalone or interfaced operation

Our kiosks can be connected to your existing PMS or Channel manager. Forget about manually synchronizing your reservations and

include your check-in kiosk as a seamless element in your hotel vertical solution