Installing a check-in machine will provide your property with a 24-hour unattended reception, meeting all the legal requirements in your country.

The installation of a Roommatik check-in kiosk offers  the following advantages:

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The check-in process is split into two steps

1. REGISTRATION. The Roommatik S-500 makes reservation lookup, ID scanning, signature, upsells, and payment quick and convenient. All data is sent to the PMS in real time for an effortless check-in experience.

2. CARD OR WRITSTBAND ISSUANCE. The Roommatik S-500 comes equipped with an RFID writer to complete the check-in process, but it can also be paired with the Roommatik XS key dispenser for added versatility. Multiple guest registration points and a single key dispensed point can be installed, and its modular design allows for easy reconfiguration to meet changing needs. Enhance your check-in process with the S-500 and XS combination. You can install several guest registration stations and a single key collection point using the Roommatik XS key dispenser. Additionally, due to its modularity, each component can be quickly moved to a different location to suit your needs and requirements at any time.


Discover our online check-in application! We automatically send a link to all your guests so they can complete the check-in before arriving at the hotel. It’s easy, fast, and fully customizable!

Advantages of our application:

  • Quick and secure scanning of guests’ identification documents.
  • Allows for easy online payment of outstanding amounts.
  • Sends a digital key or QR code for your guests to collect their card or key from our Roommatik key dispenser, say goodbye to waiting at reception!

With this application, your guests have the option to send you their information before their arrival, avoiding any unnecessary waiting at reception. Don’t waste any more time and join the online check-in revolution with our fantastic application!

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Upgrade to online check-in with ease. Our device is compatible with magnetic or proximity keys, making it the perfect solution for your needs. Implement it now with Roommatik key dispensers.

It features multiple operating modes and possesses unique characteristics that set it apart.

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Roommatik ECO is the revolutionary system designed to transform the way you manage energy in your rooms.

With our advanced technology, you can automatically connect or disconnect power based on actual occupancy, without the need for access cards. Whether you use mobile devices, numeric codes, or smart bracelets, Roommatik ECO adapts to your needs.

Combine wireless and wired sensors even in the same installation.

With its easy installation and configuration through our intuitive mobile application, Roommatik ECO offers you simple and personalized energy management. Additionally, with WiFi communication options, you can integrate the system with your Building Management System (BMS), use third-party applications, and send data to the cloud for advanced control.

Experience the comfort, efficiency, and flexibility that Roommatik ECO has to offer. Optimize energy consumption in your rooms and step into the future of energy management. Discover Roommatik ECO and take full control of your energy environment today