SELF check-in kiosks

Roommatik offers a broad range of self check-in kiosks for the hotel and hospitality industry.

Our hotel self check-in kiosk can benefit your business:

  • Your guests will get the room key in less than a minute
  • Your hotel will provide a 24/7 open reception desk at a minimum staff cost with our hotel self check-in kiosk.
  • Avoid the queues and improve your guest first impression.
  • 24/7 cross selling or upselling operations.
  • Let your guest self check-in in his own language
  • Keep the social distance with our self check-in machine.
  • Control the self check-in kiosk remotely. Our IoT platform allows you to take control for assisting your guest, remotely issuing a room key, gathering information, etc.

And all the above, fully integrated with your existing software and locks


1. We have a solution for every access control technology. Magstripe or contactless cards, code or bluetooth enabled locks, etc. Even for physical keys!!

2. We offer a complete different form-factor self check-in kiosk range. For embedding or hanging on the wall, countertop, floor standing, etc. A broad range of models for a hotel lobby, but also for outdoor use

3. Different methods of payment are available in our kiosks. Credit card (chip & pin & contactless), payment buttons, barcodes, cash payment, etc.

4. We have an in-house complete development cycle: 3D design, manufacturing, software development, integrations and helpdesk

5. We can develop your bespoke solution, fully adapted to your needs. Our kiosks are always open to new technologies

6. Our after-sales & maintenance department will supervise your self check-in machine, ensuring that it is always up to date and working properly

Every room key technology

Roommatik hotel self check-in kiosks are suitable for your existing room keys technology. Contactless, magnetic stripe, code keys, bluetooth enabled locks, physical keys, etc.

Regardless of your currently installed technology, we have a solution for your hotel

Payment methods

Credit card or cash payment  are supported with our self check-in machine. Acceptance and return of coins and bills. Acceptance of payments with chip & pin & contactless card. We integrate different payment platforms for your convenience.

Standalone or interfaced operation

Our kiosks can be connected to your existing PMS or Channel manager. Forget about manually synchronizing your reservations and

include your check-in kiosk as a seamless element in your hotel vertical solution