Roommatik in caravan areas

More and more caravan sites are relying on Roommatik products to automate their installations.

We have exclusive functionalities for this type of establishments, so that the management is as autonomous as possible.

There are different configurations, depending on the characteristics of each installation, the input, activation of services and output are carried out in a different way.

Check-in kiosk at the entrance

The administrative management of a caravan site is very similar to that of a hotel establishment: it is necessary to identify customers, charge for the stay and services and give access to the facilities. In short, a Roommatik kiosk performs all these functions automatically, just like any other establishment in the hospitality sector.

What makes the difference in this type of business is that there are more processes that need to be automated, not just data collection at the entrance.

Our interface is very intuitive and allows the customer to choose the place where they will park their caravan.

Registration pick-up

We can collect the license plate of the caravan to enable access through license plate cameras located at the entrance and exit of the area. This makes entry and exit very smooth because the license plate is recognized and the barrier opens automatically when the caravan is allowed access.

Electricity activation in the square

Different services can be activated depending on the type of pitch chosen or simply if it has been contracted at the time of booking or when entering. For example, the service of offering electricity in each pitch can be optional and can be controlled by time of consumption or can remain activated for the entire duration of the stay of the caravan.

Management with or without cards

The control system can be implemented with coin cards, so that a card is handed out at the time of check-in. This card can be loaded with the desired amount and can then be spent in the different zones of the area:

  • In electricity consumption in the square
  • Shower time for common use
  • In use of common machines such as washing machines
  • In water change service

The use of wallet cards is a possibility, but it is also possible to activate online the services contracted at the Roommatik kiosk.

If you are interested in finding out more, please feel free to contact us through our mail or phone: [email protected], (+34)986262230