Installing a check-in machine allows you to enjoy a 24/7 operational automatic reception, thanks to the digitized access control it provides. This solution is particularly suitable when the main goal is to streamline the reception process.

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Advantages of our self check-in kiosks

The complete check-in is done in less than a minute and entirely autonomously.

The Roommatik automated access control allows for the elimination of waits at the reception.

With Roommatik’s automated access control, you can have a 24/7 reception with minimal personnel costs.

Roommatik increases the benefits of your establishment by reducing operating costs.

The self check-in process is very intuitive and multilingual.

We have a remote control to issue keys of any technology and brand from a distance, including conventional keys.

Another concept: eliminate the reception desk

The reception staff assists guests in completing the self check-in without architectural barriers, providing personalized attention by being alongside the guest.

The check-in process is divided into two steps.

  1. REGISTRATION. At a counter kiosk. The guest completes the registration steps with assistance from hotel staff if needed.

2. KEY DISPENSING. A single dispenser provides keys to guests after step 1, including those who have completed online check-in before arriving at the hotel!


Discover an alternative or the perfect complement to Roommatik’s self-check-in kiosks, offering a complete digitization of the check-in process.

Our online check-in automates the sending of a link to all your guests, allowing them to comfortably complete the check-in before their arrival at the hotel.

Key features of our online check-in:

  • Quick and secure ID document scanning: Perform a fast and secure scan of your guests’ ID documents, streamlining the registration process and ensuring the security of information.

  • Simple online payment: We facilitate easy online payment of outstanding amounts, providing your guests with an efficient and secure transaction experience.

  • Digital key or QR code to avoid reception waits: We send a digital key or QR code, allowing your guests to pick up their card or key at our Roommatik dispenser. Say goodbye to waits at reception and welcome a hassle-free check-in experience.

  • Seamless integration with your PMS: Our solution is perfectly integrated with various Property Management Systems (PMS), ensuring effective data synchronization. If you don’t find your PMS on the list, consult us; we’re here to adapt to your specific needs.

Implement our online check-in and simplify the reception process!


If you want to implement online check-in immediately, this solution is perfect for you.

With this supercompact device, you can offer magnetic stripe or proximity keys that are compatible with the ones you already use.

It has different operating modes and possesses features that make it unique:

  • Autonomous use: delivers the key upon scanning a valid QR code.
  • Use in a traditional reception: dispenses the key when the receptionist checks in on the PMS.
  • Facilitates the implementation of online check-in without changing the hotel’s locks.
  • Possibility to issue keys and generate QR codes from the local web page of the dispenser.
  • Capability to integrate third-party applications through API or by generating offline QR codes.
  • Compatibility with different brands of locks.
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Roommatik ECO is the system designed to transform the way you manage energy in your rooms. With our technology, you can automatically connect or disconnect power based on real occupancy, without the need for access cards. Whether you use mobile devices, numeric codes, or smart bracelets, Roommatik ECO adapts to your needs.

Combine wireless and wired sensors even in the same installation.

With its easy installation and configuration through our intuitive mobile application, Roommatik ECO offers you simple and personalized energy management. Additionally, with WiFi communication options, you can integrate the system with your Building Management System (BMS), use third-party applications, and send data to the cloud for more advanced control.

Experience the comfort, efficiency, and flexibility that Roommatik ECO has to offer. Optimize energy consumption in your rooms.