How to sign up for your app?
Our system isn’t an application. Therefore, the client doesn’t need to register nor sign-up.
How to connect the apps for the first time?
Our technicians are responsible for connecting the system for the first time since they have to configure the kiosk. The only thing that is needed is for the client to approve the connection with Cloudbeds.
A brief section summarizing the features of the integration.
The kiosk can perform a check-in either with a valid pager that the guest has or if it is a walk-in client, the guest can perform a checkin.
Any limitations worth mentioning?
How to disconnect the apps?
Disabling the kiosk.
How to get support?
Calling the number +34 986262230 Sending an email to
About our kiosk:
The kiosk provides to the hotel´s personnel the possibility so that the guest can perform a checkin on a available room, having a reservation code.
The kiosk will communicate and provide the necessary information to the PMS in order to perform a checkin.
If the guest enters an existing and valid reservation code, the kiosk will query the PMS, wich will return the information associated with the reservation.
Then, kiosk will show all the rooms associated with the reservation, so that the gest can select the room in wich he wants to check-in.
Once the guest selects a room, the kiosk asks for the identity documents for the guests that are staying in the room, and then it will register them as occupants.
Kiosk will now show the guest´s registration data document, to be signed if the data is correct.
Now the kiosk shows the summary and different payment methods (depending on kiosk configuration).
After the guest completes the payment, the kiosk dispenses the key for the room. The kiosk has the possibility to create duplicates of this key.