Kiosco Roommatik L-201 con pago en efectivo

Pantalla táctil de 17''

Escáner de códigos QR

Pago con tarjeta

Pago con monedas y billetes

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Roommatik L-201 auto check-in con pago en efectivo
Kiosco de check-in L-201 Roommatik entrega de llave convencional
Roommatik L-201 kiosco de registro con código QR

The Roommatik L-201 kiosk is especially suitable for applications where access control with key delivery is required and also charging by credit card or cash (bills and coins).

In tourist establishments

Hotel guests can check in at the self-check-in machine and get their key. They can even identify their reservation by displaying a QR code when the reservation is made.

In caravan areas

Guests can check in at the self-service check-in machine and get their key. They can even identify their reservation by displaying a QR code when the reservation is made.

For ticket sales or services

Users can register at the self-check-in kiosk and then access their seat and activate the contracted services with their proximity card.

For rent a car

Users who have reserved a vehicle can pick up the keys at the machine. The driver is identified with his ID card and driving license and the key is handed over. In addition, all data is sent to the business ERP.


The structure of this model of self-check-in kiosk is made of 2 mm thick lacquered steel. The L-201 is designed to be placed inside, on a counter or on a table, where the user can handle it comfortably.

We can supply the kiosk in the color of your choice. In addition, many of our customers decorate the kiosk with a custom designed vinyl, to include their corporate identity on it.

Check our social networks and you will see pictures of different installations with different finishes.


This kiosk is designed to include all or part of the compatible components. When one of the components is not installed, the hole is covered with a lid to allow for future installation. The following components are optional on this kiosk model:

Barcode scanner

Identify your reservations with 1D or 2D barcodes (QR, PDF417…).

Passport scanner

Recognizes international documents, passports, driving licenses and others.

Key delivery

Suitable for magnetic stripe cards,  contactless cards, physical keys, code keys or digital keys for Bluetooth enabled smartphones.


It can be used to photograph the user, thus increasing security.

Credit card payment

Payment by credit card including contactless module.

Cash payment

Payment with coins and banknotes: acceptance and return of coins and bills.

Roommatik L-201 auto check-in con pago en efectivo
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Roommatik L-201 auto check-in


The Roommatik M-101 is suitable for magnetic stripe cards,  contactless cards, physical keys, code keys or digital keys for Bluetooth enabled smartphones. With this check-in kiosk you can deliver up to 24 conventional keys. It can be a key ring with several keys or a single key.

This key delivery system is also very useful if you have an access control brand that has the possibility of integration with other systems. You can encode the keys corresponding to each reservation, leave them ready in your Roommatik M-101 and enjoy your automatic reception without any problems.


We have already developed configurable applications for different projects such as guest check-in and check-out in tourist establishments, visitor control in buildings or access control with temperature measurement.

Our applications are developed in web format and are designed for the user to interact in the most intuitive way possible. In addition, we have different screen styles and configuration options for images, colors and texts to adapt our machines to the aesthetics of the business in which they are installed.

Online demo

We perform product demonstrations online. It’s very simple, we just set an appointment when it’s convenient for you and we connect through a video call program like meet, zoom, skype or any other. During the demo you can see what a kiosk looks like physically. In addition, we will show you the user experience when checking in through our software.

In addition, the salesperson in charge of the demo will answer all the questions you have about us and our products.

Contact us and ask for a demo if you are interested in learning about our solutions.

We are the developers of all Roommatik products. Therefore, we can develop the application you need, explain us your project and we will offer you our best solution.


Our kiosks incorporate voice guidance to help the user through every step of the process. The kiosk “speaks” in the user’s language, explaining how to use the application. The volume of the voice guidance can be adjusted, as well as the hours when it is active, respecting night hours.


The price of a check-in kiosk depends on the components you choose. Please contact us, a sales representative will assess whether this model is the one that best suits your requirements and will give you a price estimate immediately. We will then send you a detailed quotation. Contact us through our chat, email or our contact page.

The return on investment (ROI) of our automatic reception is very interesting, call us and we will do a simulation, you will be surprised!