Colaboration with Newhotel Software

Now you can manage your hotel establishment with the management products offered by Newhotel and integrating Roommatik’s automatic reception.

What does integration consist of?

Let’s suppose that a hotel has the management software offered by Newhotel. The receptionists can work normally, serve their customers at the reception desk and control all the operations in their software, just like any other establishment.

In addition, this hotel has installed a Roommatik check-in kiosk at the entrance, so that guests who wish to do so can check-in very comfortably, without having to go to the reception desk.

When a guest checks in at the machine, the first thing the machine asks is whether or not the guest has a reservation. In any case, the customer will be able to check in unattended.  And in any case, Roommatik “asks” Newhotel what data is required:

  • In case the guest has a previous reservation, Roommatik will consult its locator with Newhotel, in order to obtain the reservation data.
  • In case of no reservation, the kiosk displays the availability and prices sent by Newhotel.

The same applies to all other check-in operations. The kiosk asks all guests to identify themselves with an identity document, to sign the welcome sheet and to pay the outstanding amount, including tourist taxes.

All the data obtained during the check-in process is sent in real time to Newhotel, so that the availability and check-in of the assigned room is updated in real time.

Card expiration

In case Roommatik delivers an electronic key, it will expire on the last day of the stay. This information is also obtained in real time from Newhotel.

A very useful feature is the issuance of duplicate cards. At any time during their stay, a guest can go to the machine and get a duplicate of their key.

Of course, this doesn’t make sense when Roommatik delivers conventional keys.

Additional integrated options

The collaboration with Newhotel is very broad, and the integration includes some very interesting functionalities that go beyond check-in:

  • Upgrade y upselling. Through the kiosk, additional options can be offered at cost at any time during the client’s stay. For example, breakfast can be ordered. Thus, the kiosk becomes a 24-hour point of sale.
  • Invoice issuance. Guests can obtain their bill directly from the kiosk.

Check-out. Guests can check out at the kiosk themselves, without having to go to the reception desk.

There has been no shortage of owners of small hotels, tourist apartments or rural houses who were not familiar with our self-service check-in solution. Or the operations managers of hotel chains, considering the introduction of this type of solution in their operations.

We were also able to greet our partners, the companies with whom we collaborate continuously and who contribute to making our product part of a great turnkey unattended check-in solution.

Below, you can see a video summary of our participation in the fair. If you have not visited us, don’t miss the next event, we will be pleased to welcome you!

If you are interested in finding out more, please feel free to contact us through our mail or phone: [email protected], (+34)986262230